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Talk Real in São Paulo | Marginalia

[English subtitles available]

On the background of the current Brazilian political crisis, we ask how the margins can acquire a new centrality in crafting future alternatives in a moment where existing economic and democratic models seem to be failing us, and in a period of rising inequality.

This latest episode of Talk Real, shot in São Paulo in March 2016, saw the participation of Giuseppe Cocco (political scientist, Rio de Janeiro), Clara Ianni (researcher and artist, São Paulo), Isabela do Lago, artist, Belém) and Jota Mombaça (performer and researcher, Natal).

Host: Fábio Zuker (adjoint curator at Vila Itororó Canteiro Aberto, São Paulo). Guest Editor: Luigi Galimberti (Transnational Dialogues). Direction: Vitor Guerra.

The round-table “Marginalia” took place within the Brazilian Nomadic Residency of Transnational Dialogues, organised in partnership with Goethe-Institut.

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