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Talk Real in Skopje: Back to the Colourful Revolution

Talk Real launches a brand new format for the talk show, introducing individual interviews with activists, external footage from the city, and in depth discussions.

Few days before the Parliamentary elections in Macedonia, what are the political expectations after the recent social mobilisations in the country?

Early parliamentary elections will be held in Macedonia on December 11, 2016. These elections come after a prolonged and deep political crisis centered on the claim that Nikola Gruevski, former Prime Minister and head of the main ruling VMRO-DPMNE party, is behind a mass illegal wiretapping, an allegation that he denies. The upcoming elections follow large anti-government protests where thousands of people participated sparked by the release of the tapes. Talk Real travels to Skopje to find out more about the aftermath of the protests, the political perspective for the future and its repercussion for the rest of Europe.

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