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Talk ReaL London >> Exit Europe?

The UK referendum on EU membership coming up on the 23rd June is a momentous historic occasion. It’s the first time in a generation that British citizens and Commonwealth citizens will have the right to decide if they stay in the European Union.

It is, then, a European moment, and comes at a time when the very question of what the Union should and could be is being hotly contested across the continent. Should the EU simply be a single market? Or should it strive for social aims, for transnational democracy and peace?

In this episode we discussed the wider context surrounding the British vote with Ulrike Guérot, Founder and Director of the European Democracy Lab, Federico Campagna, writer, philosopher and Rights Manager at Verso Books, Marina Prentoulis, from Syriza London and Another Europe Is Possible, and James Schneider from Momentum, the campaign which supported Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership campaign.

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