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TalkReal in Vienna

In the Schengen Agreement, 26 European countries joined together to form an area, where border checks on internal Schengen borders are abolished, and instead checks are restricted to the external Schengen borders and countries with external borders are obligated to enforce border control regulations. According to BBC, Countries may reinstate internal border controls for a maximum of two months for “public policy or national security” reasons.

According to Eurostat, EU member states received 626,000 asylum applications in 2014, the highest number since the 672,000 applications received in 1992, and granted protection status to more than 185,000 asylum seekers. Germany, Sweden, Italy, and France received around two-thirds of the EU’s asylum applications and granted almost two-thirds of protection status in 2014; while Sweden, Hungary, and Austria were among the top recipients of EU asylum applications per capita.

On this new episode of TalkReal we debate with Walter Baier, Coordinator of Transform; Katerina Anastasiou from Change4All; Kurto Wendt from Convoy Refugee and Alexandra Strickner, ATTAC Austria about the future of democracy in Europe, the changing borders and the challenges that transnational movements face today.

Hosted by Lorenzo Marsili (European Alternatives) and directed by Berardo Carboni.

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