Relationships: Dating, Sex & Marriage

Available as:

  • an 'Educational Use' DVD resource which includes a license to broadcast to groups; OR

  • Education or personal use 12 month subscription

In this Two-Part series Paul Ninnes gets real on love, sex, dating and marriage.

Ideal for students 15+ (especially those studying moral decision making or the Christian understanding of sex), youth & young adult groups and anyone wanting a refreshing look a this rich topic. 

Drawing from the wisdom of working with tens-of-thousands of young people, Paul gives practical dating advice and explores the truth, beauty and goodness of sexual love in a way that the average person can relate to.

“Paul Ninnes’ is one of the very fine voices in Australian culture on the topic of love, sex and relationships. Inspiring, informative, and human, full of clearly presented information and easy-to-listen-to anecdotes, Paul’s presentation for young people 15 + will add incredible value to your school or group.”

Stephen Lawrence – AFL Premiership Player, Director of Faith and Mission at Mazenod College

Watch excerpts from Part 1:  here and Part 2:  here.